Since 2016, we have worked alongside our academic and church partners to serve Ethiopia through practical compassion and expert theological education.


Our Mission

ICCG’s stated mission is to share presence, strengthen theological education, and promote neighbor-love for the suffering in Ethiopia and beyond.

The Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology is encouraged and excited by Mr. DeCort’s clear passion and commitment both to academic study and to serving the community in meaningful ways.
— Director, Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology

OUR MISSION, in detail

We believe a mission is more than words: it animates a lifestyle.
The details matter - here's ours.

  • Presence: ICCG seeks to be with and for others in all that we do. Cultivating relationships of reverence and self-giving is the foundation of our identity and mission.

  • Theological: We seek to strengthen an education that is grounded, guided, and energized by the God we meet in Christ. We believe that God generously created the world for nothings, sacrificially died for sinners, and faithfully promises new life for the dead. Theological education, then, must embody and inspire the self-transcendence, generosity, hospitality, rigorous thoughtfulness, courageous sacrifice, and enduring commitment to others that we discover in God. Our theology is rooted in the person of Jesus, the Scriptures, the history of the church, and contemporary life.

  • Education: We seek to strengthen the deep cultivation and transformation of the person made by God to flourish in the full complexity and responsibility of what it means to be human. Such an education requires the rigorous training and complex integration of our capacities for thinking, believing, and acting as creatures driven by love who shape the world around us with others. Our vision of learning seeks to unite the classroom, faithful community, and public life.

  • Neighbor-love: We believe that God created us to love one another. Sharing our lives with others is not simply a fact or contingency of the human condition. It is first of all God’s gift and God’s command that we live in bonds of love and service. We seek to promote an active neighbor-love that sees the other person as a gift, someone who is precious and worthy of respect, care, and fellowship before God.

  • For the suffering: As fragile creatures, each of us suffers. We seek to promote a love that recognizes and respects this fragility and the universality of human suffering. More particularly, we seek to promote a special love for persons who suffer extreme poverty, pain, illness, and other conditions that lead to marginalization, exclusion, devaluation, or death. We seek to promote in word, deed, and culture-formation a neighbor-love that recognizes and responds to the humanity and preciousness of suffering people made and loved by God, “the least of these” with whom Jesus specially identifies (Matthew 25:40). 

  • In Ethiopia and beyond: Our primary base of life and work is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our vision is for the wider city and world.